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Are You A Successful Boss? Check Out for These Competencies

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There’re only 3 types of bosses in the world: bad bosses, good bosses and great bosses. That’s it. Everything else is just fluff. Good bosses are those who inspire their employees to work hard and always keep the interests of their employees in their sight. Great bosses, on the other hand, help their employees excel and make their skills sharper. Those who remain out of these two quadrants are, as you may expect, bad bosses.

How do you know where you fit? Well, there’re some competencies you should watch out for:

Inspiring People to Innovate

In today’s hypercompetitive business world innovation is the necessity to survive. Therefore, great bosses inspire their employees to innovate. They encourage experimentation and remove the anxiety related to it from the minds of employees. They also embrace the fact that occasional mistakes take place during innovation. And because of this mindset, once they’ve hired good employees, they trust their capabilities to make right choices and learn from their mistakes.

Make Them Aim Higher

Change is the only constant in this world. And not any change, but changing for good, which is known as improving. Great bosses understand this, and thus they encourage their employees to improve themselves and aim higher with every success.

Start Valuing Ideas Regardless of Source

This is related to the first competency. Innovation happens because of ideas, and anyone’s idea can turn out to be a life changing solution for some difficult problem. Intellectual capabilities don’t tend to be the fiefdom of some elites from prestigious universities. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a steady supply of ideas in your company from all possible sources. Great bosses understand this, and encourage the flow of ideas from every person in their company. They put in proper processes to ensure this, and they never make fun of anyone’s ideas.

Ensuring Everyone’s Progress

Last, but certainly not least, they ensure everyone’s progress in their company. And they don’t leave it to HR departments and their HRMS Software Companies alone – they try to ensure everyone’s progress by personally involving themselves in the process. While there certainly exist some extraordinary performers in every company who’re (and who should be) promoted faster than others, great bosses ensure that remaining people in their company are also improving, progressing, and thus being promoted from a steady pace. For any good job, they reward and give recognition to the whole team responsible for it – not to the team lead or some extraordinary performer alone.


Evaluate yourself honestly and check if these competencies exist in you. If they do then you’re a great and successful boss – otherwise there’s room for improvement. And as far as improvement is concerned, the sooner you begin the better it’ll be for you and your business.*Picture credit movie ‘The Boss Baby’

*Picture credit movie 'The Boss Baby'

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