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What are the benefits of offering paid sick leaves?

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Every company has its own holiday and paid leaves policy. There are mandatory paid leaves for certain amount of days per year and a list of approved holidays. But sickness doesn’t give any warning before striking and more number of unpaid leaves gets added to a month while tending to the illness. With small scale businesses and start-ups redesigning the work rules, many are considering offering paid sick leaves for their employees. It has been debated quite a bit whether it’s a good idea or not, but there are numerous benefits of offering sick leaves. The best HRM software can contribute to make it a reality across organizational campuses.

The concept of paid sick leaves isn’t a common phenomenon as companies fear that employees will misuse the opportunity. Some look it as an additional cost to incur, but these cons can be dwarfed by the pros. Some of them include:

–          Employees will be healthier

When there are no paid sick leaves, employees prefer staying home only when it is physically impossible for them to leave the house. On other occasions, they come to office sick risking the safety of other employees as well. Since they don’t get sufficient rest their recovery period gets prolonged. All these issues can be tackled with offering paid sick leaves. It encourages the employees to stay home when they get sick, get ample rest and recover soon without putting colleagues at risk. Employees will stay healthier and work better.

–          Productivity will increase

The immediate result of healthier employees would be higher productivity. When the employees report to work sick, they automatically become less productive. If they are suffering from a contagious illness, others would fall sick in no time. When a bunch of people fall sick, they might eventually have to take a few days off. This results in decreased productivity, hurting the company. If paid sick leaves are offered, employees would think twice before coming in sick. Web based HRMS software can easily incorporate this offering into its functionalities.

–          Better Perception of the employees and company

You are expecting one of your biggest clients to discuss an important project.You are extremely well-prepared, your team has worked really hard for the big day and everyone is psyched about the meeting. Despite all this the only person that everybody in the room, especially your client, can focus on is the one sniffing, coughing or sneezing away who turned up because he ran out of paid leaves. As annoying as it can be, it unfortunately shows that as a company you don’t care about the well-being of your employees. It would not leave a good impression on the client/visitor that you allowed such a sick employee in the same room as him and risking his health as well. Paid sick leaves encourage employees to take a day off without worrying about salaries getting deducted and this caring attitude may put you in the good books of your clients and well as customers.

–          Employees will display honesty and loyalty

When the employees are given the option of trading a work-day with a rest day while getting paid at the same, they feel cared for and valued by their organization. Chances are that they would not misuse this opportunity and rather be honest about using the paid sick leaves.Web based HRMS software would allow them to mark their absence from the comforts of their home. Any activity that reflects care and concern for employees’ well-being would earn their loyalty as well.

–          Better employee-employer relationship

By offering paid sick leaves, the company demonstrates that it trusts its employees to not abuse that privilege and utilize the leaves appropriately. With this blend of trust, honesty and loyalty,the bond between employers and employees become stronger. When that equation is untainted it promotes a better work culture.

With benefits like these, fears and doubts associated with misuse of paid sick leaves can be put to rest. For managing these leaves some of the best HRM software can be employed. Overall, it’s a win-win situation, which is why more companies should incorporate this offering into their paid leaves/holiday calendar.

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