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7 Signs That You Are a Workaholic

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Do you often miss out what is happening with your family and friends because you have a job? Well, it’s not because you have a lot of work to do but maybe you constantly ask for more.  Here are some points to make it easy for you to identify your work-holism.


  1. You are the first one to come and last to leave
    Office might look like a peaceful place to spend more time and have a better focus on the projects. But, longer hours may not always mean more productivity. Being the first to arrive and last to leave increases your stress levels eventually decreasing the quality of your work.
  2. You never say ‘No’ to your boss
    No, this is not something to be proud of. If you’ve asked your co-workers to contact you anytime and you agree to work whenever your boss asks you to do some extra jobs on holidays and late nights! Then you need to stop right away, because your work-life is totally imbalanced. Your work-holism is actually destroying your personal space. Learn to define boundaries and save your life and relationships.
  3. You don’t know the meaning of a vacation
    Going on a vacation? You hardly take any leave from work. But, if it happens, let’s say once in a blue moon, you are still thinking of working. You never leave without your laptop and find places to hide and work on a project! Work-holism is not only about working for longer hours but also not being able to turn off the thoughts of staying busy at your job.
  4. You feel sick if you’re not working
    Oh, the weekends! They come like a hurdle between you and your work love each week, and this is the time when you start feeling anxious and unwell. You either start looking for some freelancing work or try to make the previously done work perfect. And it’s a problem that needs to be fixed.
  5. Work is your hobby
    You don’t really have a hobby. You want to work and only work all day and all night. If your body doesn’t need rest and food to function, you won’t mind missing them too! Reading might be a hobby but surely reading project reports while on bed and revising your work schedule while eating doesn’t count.
  6. Work is your retirement plan

    Retirement Plan? You never actually thought of it. Retirement is just another alien word for you. You plan of working and staying busy all your life, because that is what keeps you going.

  7. “I am not a workaholic”
    This is what you tell your family when they complain of you being absent in the family reunions, birthdays and family vacations! Work is actually just a medium to escape being with people. You don’t consider yourself a workaholic and still seek perfection in every work you do.

Being work-ethical is impressive, but being a workaholic is something that needs treatment. But make sure you do not take up more than what you can handle!

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