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6 Ways Smart HRs can do to paint a Monday red!

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Ok, its Monday and world is busy cribbing about Monday blues. If you are also (like us!) tired of seeing sleepy, sad, confused faces around you at your office on a Monday, spend 15 minutes doing any of these 6 things to make your employees happy on a Monday!

  1. Ditch the tie: Who said only Fridays are for casuals? Why not a Monday? Let your employees dress casually on a Monday and see the difference! The comfort of getting to work in easy attire on a Monday will surely cheer them up.
  2. Tease the taste buds: How about a cup cake or a doughnut party?  Secretly place the cake boxes at their work stations and surprise them with some yummy stuff to cheer them up.
  3. Sing to glory: Music is a great stress buster. Play some thumping songs on the floor for some and ask your people to join the chorus. See how happily people will sing away their Monday blues.
  4. Tango Tango: Throng the floor, ask everyone to get up and shake a leg. People are not always comfortable dancing, but when everyone around joins in, the energy is quite unbeatable. Pick 2-3 simple steps that everyone can easily imitate and see your people forget all of their Monday stress in a jiffy.
  5. Medi-Tate: If you are not the one for high energy stress busters, try some simple options like yoga, on the desk exercises and pep talks. What’s better than starting the week with a calm and focused mind.
  6. Win-win: Think of some simple, easy to play games that people can play right at their desk. Divide them into groups, throw in some puzzles and see how their Monday complaints would transform into happy chatter.

We always say that well begun is half done. As an HR, if you can fuse some enthusiasm into your teams right on day one, it will help them sail through the whole week on a high note. So get set and make Mondays happy for your workplace. And, if you have any other cool ideas on Happy Mondays, don’t forget to share them with us.

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