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5 Tips to Manage Remote Employees

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Work from home or hiring remote employees is becoming a popular trend. It is convenient for people and cost effective for businesses. However, you need to pay “extra” attention to your remote workforce to ensure that they are in sync with your objectives and expectations. Here are quick 5 tips to keep your remote employees engaged.

  1. Gain Trust
    Though you are dealing with a remote employee, it is necessary to have meetings in person too. Arranging a meet at least once a year for all employees can help you gain trust and build a stronger relationship with all the employees who are not always present in the office.
  2. Keep regular checks
    Having regular interaction with the employee keeps the productivity of the remote employees in the positive line. Don’t do it very often, because you obviously don’t want to be the micro-managing boss, but a proper conversation in a week or fifteen days will do well.
  3. Use videos to communicate
    Video chatting is yet another possible and effective medium of communication. Most of the human communication is non-verbal and via facial emotions and gestures, so why not to communicate using the free video chatting options and have a deeper insight in the remote employee’s thoughts, plans, processes and challenges.
  4. Regular One-on-One s’
    Keeping well defined and longer one on one meetings with the remote employees every week or month ensures you to cover a variety of topics and really dive into issues that aren’t covered because they’re not in the office for ad hoc discussions.
  5. Connect on Social media
    Connecting with the remote employees on social media can help you know their status even when you’re not talking to them. Sending them emoticons and gifs can also [prove to be very useful while conveying your emotions.

What else do you do to manage your remote employees? Share your tips with us!

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