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5 Things Only Smart HR People Do

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Are you one of these?

HR walks a tight rope balancing employees and the management. From operational challenges to strategies, all sits on their desk alike.  And in this scenario, all they need is a bit of smart management to keep things going. Here are five things only smart HRs do to juggle all the balls smoothly!

  1. Get to the bottom: Smart HRs are not afraid of getting to the bottom of any issue. Nipping the problem in the bud helps them avoid repeat scenarios and bring in a long lasting solution. Many a times a lot of problems at office get snowballed just because no one tried to find the cause. Once you know the root cause, you can treat it permanently.
  1. Build Relationships:  Smart HRs connect with their people well. A quick chat over the coffee or catching up with people at lunch helps them understand the general sentiment. Also, when you have strong relationships with your employees they are more likely to become your allies in spreading the right message and controlling the gossip grapevine.
  1. Ready for the next:  Smart HRs are always ready for the next. Be it technology, health policies, statutory updates and more. A far cry from the traditional HR mindset, the Smarts HRs are ready to embrace newer communication technologies and platforms like social. They believe in enabling their people through different mediums.
  1. H for Humanity:  Human resources are all about nurturing people. Smart HRs know the value of imbibing humanity into daily operations. They support their people in tough situations and lend patience ear to their woes, because sometimes just listening to people can solve a lot of problems!
  1. They Know What to Do: No more dependent on just ‘talks’ and ‘common sense’. They run with statistics and compliances. Whether it’s a global workforce or a niche market, they know the rules well. They know what works in global and local scenarios. Always well informed, the Smart HRs know their stuff inside out.

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