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5 Signs That You Are a Great Boss

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Being a boss is a two edged sword. One has to get the work done, keep people happy and meet the KRAs, all at the same time! Not to forget the constant feeling of being judged by your team and management after every win or loss! Everyone has a different opinion about what makes a great boss – and it is hard to determine how your teams view you because even their opinion keeps changing with each leave approved or a holiday denied! So how can you tell if you’re actually a good boss? This Boss Day, we bring to you these five signs to indicate that you are a great one! If you have none of these signs, we would pray for your teams; P

You are not a helicopter: You do not hover over your people all the time to check what they are doing. You trust your team and appreciate them even if they have a different way of doing things.

You are ‘fun’tastic: You know how to have fun with your team and make sure that they enjoy the work they do with you. Fun is not about just parties, it is about making people feel good about what they do, and you are good at this!

You are fair and realistic: You appreciate the people under you for their daily work and treat them well. You set realistic targets for them, and help the team achieve those. You are not biased and respect the differences that your team members have. Not everyone is alike; you realize this and appreciate your team members without drawing comparisons.

You talk: Communication is the key to unlock even the most complicated relations, including a boss and an employee. You communicate to your team clearly and keep them informed.

You are an inspirational leader: You possess the skill to transform your employees from individual contributors to great team players.

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