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5 Must Have HR Technologies For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

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With times changing quickly, technology has become essential for survival. This is true for every part of life, including business. Usually in business HR departments used to be the least tech savvy ones. That approach, however, is changing quickly because nowadays not only impressive technologies are available for HR professionals but they’re also being adopted quickly. They’re no more something meant for large enterprises only, and even if you’re a small or medium-sized business there’re 5 HR technologies that you must have:

  1. Records Management: Laws regulating the HR departments of companies vary significantly even within same countries The requirements of one state may be different than those of other states. Laws related to taxation, labor, employee benefits and a whole lot of employee information on top of that may be tedious to manage for anyone. Fortunately, technology can come to rescue as records management software solutions are available for HR professionals.
  2. Employee Benefits Management: Today labor laws and market forces both require companies to provide a wide range of benefits to their employees like healthcare, a good retirement plan, minimum wages and so on. Besides these legal and market requirements you may also want to provide some more benefits as needed to improve performance. This brings the question of managing data related to employee benefits. The good news is that software based or online solutions are available for this requirement as well.
  3. Performance Management: In order to distribute performance based benefits you need to measure the performance first. Without maintaining data related to performance of individual employees such benefits can’t be distributed fairly. Performance management software can help you maintain that data in an easy and organized manner.
  4. Attendance and Timesheet Management: As your company grows, attendance alone can become a major task in itself. Plus, being a small or mid-sized business if you utilize the services of freelancers then you’ll have to manage timesheets as well.So you should consider attendance and timesheet management solutions too.
  5. Recruitment Automation Software: Finally, if your company is growing at a fast rate and spreadsheets are becoming too exhaustive then you should also have some recruitment automation software as well.

These technologies can make the lives of your HR professionals quite easy, which can help them achieve more for your business. Try your best to implement them as soon as possible.

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