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5 Challenges of Payroll Processing

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Many heads in the payroll department would nod vigorously when asked if there are any employee habits that make life a little more difficult for them. The HR department is responsible for identifying and bringing in talent to fill up the office space and realize the company’s goals. Retaining the employees wouldn’t be possible if payroll took a backseat. As the HR team puts in every effort for ensuring that payroll processes run smoothly, they shed light on some payroll habits of employees that really annoy them. These habits affect the performance of even the best HRM softwares in India. How you ask? Let’s see.

The Frowned-Upon Habits

The payroll team sees red when they come across these habits:

–          Untimely submission of attendance sheets

The web based HRMS software can be integrated with third party peripheral equipment such as fingerprint scanners, RFID chips or barcode scanners to mark your attendance. Half the work is done for employees when their attendance is tracked with such ease. However, payroll can access this information and process salaries only when these attendance sheets are submitted. There are some employees who get lazy or forgetful and delay sending the sheets till the very last minute. If the submission is untimely, there is nothing much the HR team can do and they still hear complaints with no fault of theirs. No wonder they get annoyed!

–          Requesting salaries before scheduled date

Yes there is a specific date when salaries are credited every month. Yes the employees are aware of it. However, that doesn’t stop some from trying their luck and requesting their salaries earlier than the scheduled date. The payroll team may understand that you have an emergency and that you urgently need the money but unfortunately HRMS doesn’t comprehend that. The entire payroll system cannot be compromised due to a personal emergency or because you are broke. At the same time, making an exception for just once could land the company in trouble because the payroll and taxation aspects are inter-connected. Early payment could cause some discrepancy leading to monetary troubles for the company.

–          Not informing the payroll department about a closed bank account

Your bank details are linked with the HRMS solution. As long as the details are accurate, salaries would be credited on time without any issues. But if you decide to close that account and open a new, do it by all means but remember to inform the payroll team on time. Once the salary gets credited into the closed account it would take some time for the banks to return the money. In the meantime, even the company cannot re-issue that money. It’s a stressful time for everyone and it’s easy to see why it’s an annoying habit. Open as many new accounts as you want but inform the payroll department of the change.

–          Submitting incorrect tax forms

Tax is one aspect which you cannot take lightly. Submitting inaccurate and sloppy tax forms will force payroll to put in extra hours. Every web based HRMS software rolls out payroll based on the information it receives. If you give incorrect information you can’t blame the software or the payroll department once you face taxation issues.

–          Incorrect paid-leave information or late approval of reimbursements, paid leaves etc.

You may have had a wonderful week long vacation that emptied a significant portion of your bank account. You eagerly wait for your salary to be credited only to realize that your paid leaves haven’t been accounted for. If you haven’t filled them out, then payroll team cannot do anything. It’s the manager’s fault if they forget to approve paid/sick leaves and reimbursements on time. In either case the best HRM softwares in India cannot resolve the issues, annoying the HR department once again since they are approached to deal with them.

Payroll is complex enough for the HR team to wish for magic elves to work for them. Since they are left to manage everything on their own, it would be kind of the employees to avoid these annoying habits to make their life a little easier. If you are guilty of having some of them, make an effort to shrug them off. Your payroll team may not credit extra money but they will thank you silently. Sometimes, that is good enough.

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