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4 Sure Shot Ways to Curb The Gossip Grapevine At Work?

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While grapevine gossip is a great source of informal information and keeps the employees entertained, it also creates a lot of confusion and uncertainty at the workplace. Here are some tips to control office grapevine and kill controversies.

  1. Don’t ignore it
    ‘Grapevine’ in an office is a weed. They can reduce productivity, tarnish an employee’s image and can also interfere in organizational communications. Ignoring rumors and staying quiet can prove to be costly in a long run. Leaders shall keep a check on the communication that is travelling throughout the company.
  2. Don't ignore it

  3. Communicate and Communicate some more
    Improper communication or no communication can lead to unwanted controversies thus understand the need of communication and keep updating your employees about every detail they deserve to know, because that is going to stop them from assuming things and then grapevine!
  4. Communicate and Communicate

  5. Lose that image
    If your employees are hesitant to tell their problems to the management, then it can actually lead to a larger problem of gossips building. An open culture where the employees are heard and valued is very important to fight the grapevine.
  6. Lose that image

  7. Delegate their responsibilities
    Employees are more likely to engage in gossips when they have plenty of time to spare. This might happen at the coffee machine, during the lunch breaks and smoking hours. But you cannot take their rest hours away! Keep them busy, delegate their responsibilities and engage them in the gossips of work.
  8. Delegate their responsibilities

Trying to crush a rumor completely or finding its source is both impossible and counterproductive.  But keeping a check on the informal communication is not very difficult. Encourage open conversations and build a transparent environment to keep the gossip at bay!

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