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4 Secrets for a Happy Monday!

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Monday is back again and how! But don’t you dread. Remember we told you last week that well begun is half done? So take control and start your week on a high note. Here are 4 little things that you can do to make your Monday mornings rock !

  1.  Remember the early to bed rhyme?: You must have recited it a hundred times in kindergarten, but this child hood learning is a key secret to a happy Monday! Hit the bed early on a Sunday, and wake up all fresh and charged up for an awesome Monday.
  2. Coffee and Contemplation: Pick a hot cuppa and spend 10 minutes with your self, thinking about the day ahead and planning. Trust us, giving yourself these 10 minutes would help you plan your day better and take away a lot of stress.
  3. Clear the Obstacles: From what to wear, to what’s there in lunch, even the most mundane things could divert your focus on a Monday morning. The best way is to hash it out a day before. Do a quick check on the Sunday night to ensure that all your stuff is in place and whoa!, you are ready for a great Monday!
  4. Happy tummy, happy you!: There can’t be a better start of the day, than having your favorite breakfast. So cook up your most loved meal for breakfast on Monday,  and savour the flavour for the rest of the day!

Little things can make a huge difference to how you perceive your Mondays. So un-hinge, refresh and make your Mondays totally awesome.

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