3 Ways Mobile Apps Are Taking Over and Improving HR
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3 Ways Mobile Apps Are Taking Over and Improving HR

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This is the age of smartphones and apps. Therefore, no surprise that apps are starting to dominate a large part of HR technology as well. They’ve already started to appear in many HR related use cases. In this article we’ll take a look at 3 such examples where apps are helping HR managers do their jobs more effectively and efficiently:

#1. Mobile Performance Management

The days of annual appraisals are now numbered. With rise of cloud HRMS more real-time ways of performance management have started to appear, and mobile performance management is expected to give this trend even more boost. Many companies have introduced mobile apps to encourage continuous feedback among employees from their managers and even teammates. Social media has also taken a lead here as well, with colleagues giving recognition to each other on social media sites. These trends are making performance management a more ongoing process rather than something that would be done in the end of the year.

#2. Lifestyle Apps for Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has always been a hot topic of debate. However, its acceptance as an important productivity booster among HR professionals has been increasing from last few years. Now companies have been realizing that overworked and stressed out employees can’t do any good to the company, no matter how many hours they put in. As a result, now HR departments of companies are investing in fitness trackers, lifestyle apps and other work-life balance apps for their employees. These apps alert employees when they need to slow down and also alert HR managers when employees spend too much time in front of their desks, which is a sign of disengagement.

#3. Mobile Culture Management

In most large enterprises misalignment between actual company culture and culture perceived by the leadership teams is not a big thing. Ensuring a consistent work culture in all offices of any large enterprise is a challenging task. The result is that often the perception of C-suite about culture of their company tends to be far from the reality.

Fortunately, mobile apps have started to help in managing this thing too. Today companies can conduct app-based surveys among their employees to get an idea about the culture of different company offices.


Though this trend is still in a nascent stage, its successful deployment in large enterprises like IBM, Deloitte ands GE suggests that it’s going to be a gamechanger. Therefore, you should also try the power of apps to improve your HR processes before you competitors do the same.

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