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10 Things You Should Never Say in An Interview

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When you go for an interview, there’re a number of things you should avoid saying to increase your chances of being hired. Here we’re going to take a look at 10 of them. Let’s get started:

  1. Vacation Policy: By talking about vacations even before you’ve been hired, you can screw up your otherwise fine interview. Don’t ask about leaving even before you’ve started working.
  2. Bad Things About Your Current (or Past) Employer: No matter how dissatisfied you’re with your current/past employer, discussing it with interviewer can significantly hurt your chances of getting a job. HR professionals and executives are almost never interested in hearing such stories.
  3. I’ve no questions: That simply shows how desperate you’re for the job. Or that you’re not interested in a long-term role. Don’t be like that and prepare some good questions instead (mostly related to the work that you’ll be doing).
  4. What’s up: A casual greeting like this is considered highly unprofessional in corporate world, so you should avoid it.
  5. You don’t have any weaknesses/shortcomings: That’s impossible, whether you believe it or not. Even most talented and powerful people in the world have got some shortcomings. You’ve got yours as well, and you should be aware of them.
  6. You’re a team player: Mentioning this doesn’t help. Why? Because the ability to be a team player is taken as a given. If you’re pointing it out specifically, it means that you’ve been working solo until now.
  7. Sorry, I’m Late: Why’re you? Believe it or not, but in most cases the reason won’t matter to the interviewer. If you couldn’t make it on time that day, little remains to be expected in the future.
  8. Work from home: The company may offer you this luxury depending on how satisfied they’re with your performance, or if they feel that your working from home can improves the outcomes for their business, but you should leave it to them. Asking about this in interview projects you as someone who doesn’t like collaboration.
  9. Comments related to appearance of interviewer: No matter how stunning your interviewer looks, you should avoid comments related to his/her appearance when you appear for an interview because your comments, even if true, may count as flattery.
  10. I’m a workaholic/perfectionist: These qualities are shown – not told. So you’ll be better off if you don’t mention them during your interview.

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