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10 things every HR should do to keep people happy!

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Happiness of the employees is the core of everything that an HR does. From engagement activities to rewards & recognition, there is a lot that goes into keeping people happy at work. HRs constantly need new ideas around creating a conducive and productive work environment. Here are our tested 10 ways to ensure that your employees return home satisfied after work hours:

  1. Interact with Employees

This involves literally keeping your cabin door open, so that an employee can approach you with ease. Spend time with your staff during lunch hours and engage in light conversations to build a sense of loyalty amongst your employees.

  1. Thank, Praise & Reward Employees

Your staff will obviously operate better if they are appreciated enough. Simply thank them for working overtime, appreciate their good work and reward them (with an extra day off or movie ticket) for their out-of-the-box ideas.

  1. Show employees compassion

Listen, understand and support your staff members. Instead of being task-focused be people-focused, and look out for the needs of your employees. This compassion will ignite trust and make them work more effectively.

  1. Establish a Career Path

Provide training events and career workshops for employees who feel dissatisfied with their career and want to leave. With timely career interactions, the employees will be enlightened about the various job opportunities within the organization itself.

  1. Social Retreats

Unite your employees with quarterly social retreats, or offsite events. Get them together for fun team building activities and competitions. This will spark a sense of closeness and make your individual employees a complete team, thus keeping them interested in the work place.

  1. Create Transparency

Your employees want to know about the situation of the organization, be direct and clear. By this you will create loyalty, and maybe even at the worsening conditions your staff will strive to uplift the company. To improve transparency, there needs to be continuous communication.

  1. Provide Added Benefits

Offer various perks such as; medical benefits, disability insurance, life insurance or gym memberships. By showing concern about your staff’s health and family, you will really connect with them on a personal level.

  1. Take care of your body language

As a HR team, are you giving of positive or negative vibes? You need to be approachable by all employees in the company. Set a friendly, yet firm tone in the way you talk. And be poised while listening to your employees.

  1. Consider Employee Input

The ideas of your staff could be the more effective and smarter alternative, thus creating a positive path for both the company and the employee. Support the ideas with constructive criticism, to encourage your staff to perform better.

  1. Allow Employees to Celebrate One Another

Give your staff chances to appreciate and applause one another for their work, by arranging end-of-the-month parties etc. This will ignite a spirit of achievement and attachment amongst the employees.

Try out these tips and you will see your employees always put that extra bit of effort in to improve their work quality.

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