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10 Seemingly Small Things You Get Judged On During Interviews

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Make sure you don’t miss on these and lose the job!

Finally, its interview time for a job that you’ve always wanted. You are well prepared and ready. But beware, beyond the regular parameters, there are some seemingly smaller things, your hiring managers may judge you on. Make sure you do not miss these!

The Perfect Timing: It’s good to be one time, and a little early. But do not show up an hour before your scheduled time. Reaching 10-15 minutes prior is good timing.  That’s enough to show that you are punctual.

Being the first one: Studies show that during a schedule of interviews, hiring managers prefer to select candidates from the first lot. So try to get an early interview time and be amongst the first few candidates.

Get the Resume Right:  If you have exaggerated about your experience in your resume, it could back fire in a big way. Candidates who are not truthful about their experience are always looked at with great apprehension.

Go Beyond the Website: “So what do you know about our company”, is a common interview question. If you think that reading the website is just enough, you have got it wrong! Read about the company on the web, see their blog, social media, read about any news or articles that you can fine, and be well informed.

Get the questions right: When given a chance to ask questions, do not utter random questions. Ask contextual questions about your role, its significance for the company and more.

Sound Right: How you say it is more important than what you say. Do not be very chirpy or extremely dull. Maintain a balanced voice tone, sound excited and positive. Do not sound like as if you’ve turned up for just another interview.

Follow Instructions: Adhere to all interview instructions carefully. Carry all the requested documents properly. And ya, do not forget to carry a pen!

Consistent Behavior:  How you behave with every person you get to interact with can impact your hiring. Right from the front desk person, to the recruiting executive and the pantry guy to get a coffee, make sure you are professional and courteous.

Be Imperfect:  When asked about weaknesses, do not say none. No one is perfect. Being able to identify a weakness and how you are working to improve it, is a sign of a confident person, who knows himself well.

Past is Past: Past job is past job, but make sure you do not overrate it. Neither you should bad mouth your previous employer. Be upfront about your reason to move on and focus more on what you learned from your previous employments.

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