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10 Characteristics That Define The CHROs of Future

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The importance of Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) is continuously increasing as CEOs are realizing the importance of having great talent in their workplace. This change of importance has in turn led to a change of expectations from CHROs. Therefore, if you want to survive in this role for a long time, there’re 10 characteristics you must have. Let’s take a look on them:

  1. Courage to deal in the boardroom: As CHRO you may often find the need of making it to the boardroom to communicate crucial HR issues to the board. You should have the courage to do that.
  2. Strategy building expertise: You should have the expertise in building talent strategies and sometimes other business strategies as well because you’ll be reporting directly to the CEO, most probably as a key adviser.
  3. Working with a diverse workforce: The workplaces have started becoming more and more global today as people from a diverse range of backgrounds come to work, so ability to work with people from different backgrounds is a must.
  4. Adaptability: Things that motivate people from a certain age group may not always motivate the people from another age group. You should have the ability to adapt to the motivations of people from different age groups.
  5. Understanding of operations: A good talent strategy is one that takes care of business operations as well. Therefore, you should also have a good understanding of your company’s operations to develop such strategies.
  6. Great communication skills: Most of the time your job will include communication, so great communication skills are a must to understand the points of others as well as communicate the points that you have.
  7. Organization capabilities: The ability to keep things organized is another ‘must have’ for employees. Whether it’s organizing files or time management – you’ll need great organization skills to survive in this role.
  8. Dual Focus: Employees and management both are two sides of a coin. Since you’ll be acting as a link between both, you should have the ability to focus on both sides.
  9. Conflict management: Everyone may not like working with everyone. Conflicts arise, and as CHRO you should have the ability to manage them.
  10. Change management: Change has become a reality of modern workplaces. Unfortunately, it’s not necessary that every change will be welcomed by the employees. You should have the ability to manage such cases.

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