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HR and Payroll Software
October 12, 2018
The time when there just used to be enterprise software and the manual pen and paper method; the idea of maintaining spreadsheets became the popular norm. The
By Harpreet Singh
Employee Engagement Tool
October 10, 2018
Yes, DIWALI is around the corner and there is not much time left for the festivities to begin. The time when we all are quite excited to
By Harpreet Singh
Payroll Services for Small Business
October 9, 2018
Payroll is probably the most error-prone HR task. The HR needs to have a hawk’s eye so that the payroll is error free. But, it is quite
By Harpreet Singh
Recruitment Management Software
October 8, 2018
They say happy employees are the most productive. Undoubtedly, they are. Nonetheless, it’s been years of contemplation and research, no one has yet been able to find
By Harpreet Singh
Recruitment Management Software
October 5, 2018
Most companies who buy HR software in India centralize and mobilize their workforce and the company overnight starts to fix their broken pieces. Employees learn to put
By Harpreet Singh
Attendance Management Software
October 4, 2018
Your employees keep on accumulating their earned leaves balance year after year. As they are tempted to use all or half of them at once. But when
By Harpreet Singh
Study By Nielsen Reveals What New-Gen Expects From Its 1st Workplace
September 27, 2018
This goes beyond fair compensation! Millennials- The new gen doesn’t go by the traditional norms at all. For anything and everything, the first thing they turn up to
By Harpreet Singh
Project Management Solutions
September 26, 2018
Meetings are important, very very important! As a manager, you know you just cannot manage things all alone. Given that, you have a team working with you
By Harpreet Singh
Payroll Outsourcing Company
September 25, 2018
Payroll processing has never been easy. Be it processing monthly salaries or handling company’s year end requirements to consolidating error-free documents and reports. Luckily, we have one
By Harpreet Singh