Here is a system that solves ALL your existing problems, without creating new ones! With a short learning curve, HR-One is extremely simple to use. You can take a free demo and  get started with it right now !

Fits all sizes

Each company has its own needs. SO, we have structured HR-One in a way that you can choose what you want to run! Use one module, two modules, or all, we have one HRMS software that is ready to scale and meet your growing needs.


Our development processes are certified by CMMi, a process improvement training body in the US. These certified processes ensure that there is no compromise on quality and data security and that the product is agile and scalable.


Accessible on mobile phones and tablets, HR-One enables you to access and update data anytime. Whether your team sits in office or is travelling, you can stay connected with them, always!


Apart from a cool product, what matters to us MOST is your experience with it. And to ensure that you have a great experience with us, we have a team of experts ready to help you anytime. Experience the joy of a dedicated support team that is ready for all your moods!

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